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The Book of Hebrews

Jesus is the embodiment of God’s unwavering love and mercy. No book of the Bible makes this more clear than the book of Hebrews. This letter was written to early Christians undergoing intense persecution with the goal of persuading them to remain faithful to Jesus. Both the author and the audience had a deep connection with the Jewish system of worship, which is the groundwork for this letter. The purpose of this letter is to elevate Jesus to his rightful place as the head of Christian worship. Jesus is shown as greater than angels, Moses, the law, the Levitical priesthood and the Jewish sacrificial system. We invite you to join us for 5 encouraging weeks of what it means for Christ-followers to keep pursuing Jesus above everything else.

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Teaching Schedule

April 2, 2023:
CF & Live Stream: Jeff Mickey
Grundy County: Juli Camarin
Waverly: Brian Steenhoek
April 9, 2023 (Easter):
CF & Live Stream: Dave Bartlett
Grundy County: Brian Steenhoek
Waverly: Jeff Mickey

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