October, 2021

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Is it Worth it Anymore?

Questions play an important role in our lives as we follow Jesus. Lots of times, we have urgent and important questions for which we’d love to get answers. One question we’ve heard from some younger people in our congregation goes something like this—Is it worth it anymore? Wrapped up in that question are several questions that our teaching team hopes to answer during this next teaching series:

Is it worth it to keep trying to get something out of the Bible?

Is believing the gospel of “good news” still worth it?

Is supporting and participating in the local church still worth it?

Is faith even worth it these days?

God doesn’t get mad at us or disappointed in us when we have questions like these. He knows we are on a journey and questions are a part of that. So, we hope you will join us as our teachers bring God’s answers and their own way of answering these questions.

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