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Prayer Requests

12/6/2019 —Boots Willet had a recent scan and visit with her doctor about her lung cancer, and found out she is still in remission. Thanks for all the prayers.

12/6/2019 —Gerald Ramsey, CFHS band director, recently learned he has rectal cancer. He will go to Mayo for treatment and hopes to start chemotherapy next week. Please pray the treatment is effective.

12/5/2019 —Please pray for Butch Stricker, who is recovering from rotator cuff surgery last week. Please pray for quick healing.

11/27/2019 —Doug & Karen Boelman's daughter, Angie, was diagnosed with Stage 2 melanoma cancer. Please pray it has not gone to her lymph nodes. Also, they wanted to thank everyone for praying for Karen's sisters health as well as her brother that passed away, they appreciate all the prayers as they navigate this tough time.

11/26/2019 —Jennifer Brost is experiencing very serious back problems. She is unable to drive and mostly unable to walk. She is going to physical therapy and waiting to get in to a specialist. Please pray for wisdom and discernment from medical staff that she consults, and that she will regain complete mobility and be healed.

11/26/2019 —Donna Spoelstra's sister, Barb Garbes, has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She has had a lumpectomy and is now having radiation treatments in Waterloo. Please pray for strength and guidance and continued health for Barb as she continues down this path. Donna is a 6 year breast cancer survivor herself.

11/26/2019 —Dan and Donna Spoelstra's daughter Amber George and family were in a car accident on Sunday afternoon in Cedar Falls. We are praising God that they escaped with minor aches and pains and that no one was seriously injured in the 3-car accident. Please pray for direction as they look for a different vehicle as the one that was totaled.

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