Current Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

4/9/2021 (Update)—Please continue to pray for Dori Long's friend Orin. He is still in the hospital and in need of prayer. Orin's family wishes to protect his privacy but they deeply appreciate your prayers.

4/8/2021 —Please pray for Bonita Davis' dad, Eldon Dieken. He has fluid built up in his body that he can't get rid of. The doctors have tried everything. Now his kidneys aren't functioning properly and he has congestive heart failure. He is ready to go meet Jesus, but it's hard to let him go. Please pray for Bonita's Mom, Elna Dieken as well. She is weary.

4/6/2021 —Barry & Cindy Whitehill ask for prayers for their sister-in-law, Amy Jorgensen, who is very sick with COVID & pneumonia. She has been in the hospital for over a week & continues to get worse. Also, keep Cindy’s brother, Craig, in your prayers. He is feeling helpless and scared; he also has COVID.

4/2/2021 (Update)—Please continue to pray for healing for Donna Pohl. During her surgery on Wednesday, the surgeon found some unexpected issues. It was not a routine hip replacement but he is hopeful it will heal well. Please pray that Donna will experience a complete recovery and regain full function.

4/1/2021 —Please pray for Jim & Sue Pedrick from the Waverly Campus as Sue was diagnosed with breast cancer last week. Pray for peace and patience as the doctors form a treatment plan and they prepare for the journey ahead.

3/29/2021 (Update)—Please continue to pray for "Skip" Randall who is recovering from cancer surgery.

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