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Prayer Requests

5/23/2024 (Update)—Wade Olson passed away on Tuesday, May 21st, surrounded by his wife and daughters. Funeral services will be Saturday, May 25, at 10:00 am at Nazareth Lutheran Church, with visitation from 9:00-10:00 am. A luncheon will follow the service in Nazareth's gymnasium. The service will be live-streamed through Dahl-Van Hove-Schoof Funeral Home's website. Please continue to pray for his family during this time. Link to the website:

5/22/2024 —Marge Laipple was hospitalized Monday with a stroke. She is in the hospital progressing well, and hoping to return home with home health. Prayers for continued recovery so she can return to her home.

5/21/2024 (Update)—Chris Bowen's sister-in-saw Kitty has been found and is alive! She was caught in the basement of her office building during a tornado in Greenfield, Iowa. Praise God!

5/19/2024 —Peg Novak is asking for prayer. Chemo is ravaging her once-healthy body. She's on her 4th round of chemo in 5 years. It is taking it's toll on her body. She can't do what she used to do physically, without being out of breath. She has neuropathy in her feet, along with plantar fasciitis in left heel, that is extremely painful. She can't tolerate heat, along with other hard things she's dealing with. She is asking for prayer for these things. Thank You and God bless you.

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