Current Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

5/15/2018 —This a prayer request. (Submitted by Joan Rozendaal)

5/15/2018 —Test (Submitted by Marie Trask)

5/15/2018 —For Violet (Submitted by Norma Peters)

5/15/2018 —I need help (Submitted by Greta Magee)

5/15/2018 —Please pray for Peg who lost her brother this morning. (Submitted by Donna Pohl)

5/15/2018 —This is a test (Submitted by Gene Richardson)

5/15/2018 —pray for peace (Submitted by James Trask)

5/15/2018 —Praying trial goes smooth. (Submitted by Jim Clements)

5/15/2018 —Please pray that I don't have an allergy to dairy! (Submitted by Sue Fowkes)

5/14/2018 (Update)—This is my test (Submitted by Juli Camarin)

5/14/2018 —another test (Submitted by Ethan Vander Wiel)

5/14/2018 —test (Submitted by Ethan Vander Wiel)

5/14/2018 —test (Submitted by Ethan Vander Wiel)

5/10/2018 —This is my prayer request. (Submitted by Hector Camarin)

5/10/2018 (Update)—This is my new prayer request. Thank you! (Submitted by Juli Camarin)

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