Current Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

6/24/2019 (Update)—Sue Fowlkes wants to thank all who prayed for her sister, Marsha. The angiogram showed NO ISSUES regarding her heart/stent! A real praise for our God! The surgery for the removal of the keratosis is scheduled (a fourth time) for June 27th. More prayers appreciated!

6/14/2019 (Update)—Peg Novak's 7-hour surgery went well. The doctor said they got the best case scenario. She will have to undergo chemotherapy after she recuperates; however, the doctor is very optimistic that the chemo will take care of any residual cells he could not remove. She was up and walking already this morning and doing very well. Keep praying as this will be a long journey.

6/14/2019 —Please keep Monette in your prayers as she sees a heart doctor today. Pray that she feels calm in the unknown and that the doctors do not find anything wrong with her heart.

6/12/2019 (Update)—Kent Ruby's surgery today at Mayo to repair a hiatal hernia and twisted stomach, was successful. Kent and Juanita want to express their thanks for your prayers and ask for continued prayers for complete healing.

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