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Prayer Requests

10/17/2018 —Please pray for Dawn Keagle who had a seizure Wednesday afternoon and was transported to Rochester. She is not recovering as well as she normally has. She's unable to move the right side of her body or communicate. Please pray for complete restoration of her body and for her care team as they try to determine how to help her. Pray also for Dan and their boys as they walk through this with her. Thank you!

10/17/2018 (Update)—Please continue to pray for Sue Fowlkes’ sister, Marsha. She had surgery on Monday to remove the rest of her upper jaw/roof of her mouth because her cancer has spread. The doctor took a biopsy of her upper lip, which thankfully came back negative. Please pray for her, her doctor and staff who will be taking care of her during her long hospital stay.

10/12/2018 —Please pray for Tim & Sheila Clark. Tim is home with pneumonia. They are thankful for the ongoing prayers as Tim is also battling lung cancer.

10/12/2018 —Please pray for Cindy Whitehill, she is home recovering from pneumonia and currently on antibiotics for a blood infection.

10/12/2018 —Please pray for Jim and Linda Koleno. Jim has been diagnosed with lung cancer. They feel so much uncertainty right now, but they know Jesus is with them whatever comes.

10/11/2018 —Please pray for Brian Carr’s father, Marv. He was airlifted Saturday to Mayo after a mild stroke that left him with some speech loss. Pray for family and caregivers as they help him through the healing process.

10/8/2018 —Please continue to pray for the family of Trevor Gerholdt: His parents, Dennis & Karen Gerholdt, and siblings, Dana Gerholdt & Whitney Gerst. Trevor passed away on October 6th.

10/8/2018 —Please pray for Joe Wilson. He is heading to Mayo for testing next week. He has been battling a lot of fluid build up in his lungs, heart and other organs since June. Pray they can determine some answers and figure out some effective treatment options.

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