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Prayer Requests

6/10/2021 —Bonnie Mitchell would like us to pray for her great-granddaughter, Ella, who is three years old. Ella went to the emergency room last night. Doctors diagnosed her with an ear infection and pneumonia. Today, they were having trouble keeping her oxygen level up and she was flown to Iowa City. Please pray for Ella, her parents, and the medical staff as they work to restore her oxygen levels.

6/7/2021 (Update)—Please continue to pray for Suzi Wikner's nephew, Bud. After coming off the vent 2 weeks ago, he has been receiving intense physical, occupational and speech therapy. His doctor's have verified that he suffered a stroke at some point during his care. Please pray for continued healing and for a heart open to undergoing long-term rehab to treat his alcoholism. Thank you so much for your prayers

6/7/2021 (Update)—Karen Hensley is having difficulty recovering from her bypass surgery on May 13th. Please continue to lift up Karen and Dick, the caregivers and medical staff as they work together to help Karen recover.

6/2/2021 —Don Frey passed away Monday night. Details for funeral services will be coming. Please pray for all Don's family as they grieve his loss.

6/2/2021 (Update)—Please continue to pray for the family of Wava Maifeld who passed away last Sunday. Her funeral service was held at Orchard on Saturday.

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