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Prayer Requests

2/17/2020 (Update)—Drew Roberts, son of Michael and Lindsey Roberts came home Saturday after being diagnosed with Mono, but a rare strain. Grateful it was nothing more concerning. Thank you for your continued prayers for healing.

2/17/2020 —Please pray for John Bonner as he fell on Saturday and fractured two vertebra in his upper back. He is currently in Iowa City Hospital. He is in a restrictive torso and back brace to help heal and will be in a rehab facility for a while after he is released from the hospital. Please pray for healing and continued positive steps forward.

2/17/2020 (Update)—Please continue to pray for Lily Schwarck- the niece of Mark and Kris Hoskinson. She is still in the PICU in Iowa City with RSV. Her breathing and oxygen levels are improving slowly. Please pray for continued improvement.

2/15/2020 —Please pray for Bill De Berg who will be undergoing a series of tests again on Monday, February 17. Pray for good outcomes and clarity in his situation.

2/12/2020 —Please pray for Robert Schmitz who had knee replacement surgery on Tuesday, February 13. Please pray for a quick recovery with minimal pain.

2/12/2020 —Please pray for Neil McMahon. His brother Kevin passed away on Tuesday this week, unexpectedly. Kevin was just 2 years older than Neil, so this loss has been particularly difficult. Please pray for Barb and Neil as they travel to be with Neil's family. Pray for their time together celebrating Kevin's life.

2/11/2020 (Update)—Chuck Morris has completed 6 weeks of Radiation & Chemo treatments for lung cancer. Next week he'll have a CTscan & if the lung looks favorable to the Doctor, then he will begin Immunotherapy fusions later this month. Thank you for your continued prayers & support.

2/10/2020 (Update)—Thank you so much for your prayers for Marvin and Esther Eiklenborg's daughter, Rhonda. She is now home in St. Louis after her extensive surgery on January 29. Healing is expected to take 8 to 10 weeks. Please pray for successful physical therapy and a complete recovery. Thank you for your prayers.

2/9/2020 —Please pray for Duane Alberts sister, Dorothy Chapman & family as her husband, Dean, passed away Sunday morning, Feb. 9. Pray Dorothy has renewed strength in the days ahead.

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