Current Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

9/30/2020 —Please pray for Kent Ruby. He fell from a ladder and broke his arm. He is being taken to Mercy One in Waterloo and will be admitted. No visitors are allowed. Please pray for Kent's treatment and recovery.

9/29/2020 (Update)—After a 4-week battle and on her 70th birthday, Bev Paricka (Gretchen Gabrielson Paricka’s mother-in-law) peacefully passed early this morning. She never cognitively recovered after the ventilator was removed. Ultimately she died from the Covid-19 virus and a broken heart, having her son also die from the virus one month ago. Please keep the entire Paricka family in your prayers.

9/27/2020 (Update)—Please continue to pray for Don Frey. He was taken to ER Sunday morning with a high fever and severe weakness. He was diagnosed with sepsis and is currently in ICU. Please pray for Don and Alda, the family, and the medical staff as they work to treat this infection and determine how to treat Don's cancer.

9/23/2020 (Update)—Marvin Eiklenborg has finished treatment and is currently in remission from the rare cancer he's been battling. He and Esther are so thankful for your prayers and for the medical staff at Mayo using the gifts that God has given them.

9/23/2020 —Please pray for Sharon Bonjour who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Pray that God would give Sharon strength and a strong sense of hope to help overcome her fear and depression concerning her upcoming surgery and radiation therapy, for no complications after surgery and for protection from Covid while her immune system is weak from radiation.

9/23/2020 —Leon Boelts, brother-in-law of Maribeth Boelts, is waging a battle with metastatic esophageal cancer. As he fights both the cancer, and the treatment's harsh side effects, the family asks you to remember Leon and his wife Phyllis in your prayers. Thank you.

9/23/2020 (Update)—Steve Heerts is recovering at home following a second surgery to repair his broken arm. Please continue to pray for pain management, healing, patience and strength as Steve works thru a daily physical therapy regimen.

9/21/2020 (Update)—Please continue to pray for Monette Oden. Her surgery last week to remove a tumor from her spine went well. She has been moved from Iowa City to Allen in Waterloo for rehab. Please pray for continued healing through the rehab process.

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