Current Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

1/21/2022 (Update)—Anna Heerts has shown some improvement and has moved from ICU to the regular cancer unit at Mayo. She still has a very rough road to travel. The Heerts family is thankful and encouraged by your prayers and petitions for her.

1/21/2022 (Update)—Thank you so much for praying for Jennifer Van Gent's dad and mom after both were recently hospitalized. Jennifer's mom, Joyce, is making good progress with her recovery. Jennifer's dad, Delbert, is at rehab for several weeks and his progress is slower but he's motivated because he wants to get back to the assisted living apartment he had settled into. Please continue to lift them in prayer for the best recovery possible.

1/18/2022 (Update)—Jeri and Merle Schipper would like to thank everyone for their prayers. Merle's knee replacement surgery went well, and he is able to do his rehab at home. Please continue to pray for healing and restored function.

1/18/2022 (Update)—Rory and Rochelle Dolan wish to thank our church family for prayers, love, and concern during his procedure to help him to bend his surgical knee. We pray for Godspeed throughout his rehabilitation over the next 6 weeks.

1/17/2022 —Sunday morning, while on vacation in SC, Chuck Morris had a stroke. He went by ambulance to nearest hospital & then was transferred to Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. Please pray for the doctors to discern the very best course of action and a complete recovery. Pray for strength and reassurance for Chuck and Laurie.

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