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Prayer Requests

3/26/2020 —Scott Gast, son of Roger and Mary Gast , has recently been diagnosed with an aggressive lymphoma in his abdomen. He will begin chemo therapy on March 31st. Please pray for healing and a strong awareness of Christ’s presence for Scott, his wife Shelly and sons Zach and Alex.

3/25/2020 —Jennifer Campbell has an infection somewhere outside of her brain. Unknown origin . Doctors in Haiti are conversing with American doctors, and are treating her in Haiti. It is not safe in America now with the Covid-19. Lift up Jennifer and the doctor treating her for complete healing. They are in the final stages of adoption of their three girls they have raised, and waiting to move to US soon.

3/25/2020 —Iva Dailey broke her hip Saturday and had surgery Sunday. She will be rehabbing for several weeks. Please pray for quick and complete healing and for health and good care.

3/23/2020 —John Bonner passed away on Saturday morning, March 21, at home, of natural causes. Please remember John's family, his two sons, Brian & Brenda and Michael & Autumn, and their families. A private burial will be held on Wednesday morning, March 25, with a memorial service scheduled at a later date.

3/20/2020 (Update)—Boots Willett would like to thank everyone who has prayed for her throughout her lung cancer diagnosis and treatment. At a six month re-check on Wednesday her tests showed no signs of cancer at all. She is completely clear of any hot spots. God still does miracles.

3/19/2020 (Update)—Denise Tedore's removal of her thymus gland went very well! Surgery was quick & kept minimally invasive. The thymoma was kept encapsulated, which means there appears to have been no spreading and surgery is all that was needed for treatment. She is now home to heal for the next few weeks & we pray she remains healthy throughout this time. Thank you so much for your prayers, God answered every request!

3/16/2020 —Marvin Eiklenborg has been hospitalized at Mayo Clinic for the last week but is now home. He has been diagnosed with Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma and a rare kidney disease, Cryoglobulinemia. He will be treated for both at Mayo once a month. Please pray for medical staff as the treatment needs to be perfectly balanced to work on the lymphoma and not further damage the kidneys.

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