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Merry Christmess

In the Incarnation, God, in his perfection and glory, moved toward broken humanity in all of our mess and suffering in order to save us. Our response is learned hopefulness. This is grace in its purest form. We did nothing, and still do nothing, to deserve it. This God-initiated movement toward us happened (and still happens today) out of the pure goodness of God’s heart toward his wayward children; his lost world. Because God has moved toward us in love, we then, though we are weak, are to move toward others in their pain and suffering. God goes with us as we move. All we have to offer is his love, and it is more than enough. This is who God is. This is who we, as God’s children, are called to be.

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Teaching Schedule

January 23, 2022:
CF & Live Stream: Karla Chestnut
Grundy County: Eric Lins
Waverly: Alice Shirey
January 30, 2022:
CF & Live Stream: Dave Bartlett
Grundy County: Doug Tensen
Waverly: Eric Lins

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