Current Teaching Series

Bless a Broken World

It’s no secret that our world is broken. Brokenness is one thing EVERYONE has in common. The good news is that God is at work to restore us and our world. This is the work God’s been doing ever since sin entered the world and messed everything up. When God first invited a group of people to be His people He said to Abram, “I will bless you… and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." God’s mission is to put us back together and our mission is to join him as we encounter brokenness in our own world.

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Upcoming Teaching Schedule

October 21

Community Center: Eric Lins
Sanctuary: Alice Shirey
Grundy Center: Brian Steenhoek
Waverly: Jeff Mickey

October 28

Community Center: Alice Shirey
Sanctuary: Jeff Mickey
Grundy Center: Eric Lins
Waverly: Brian Steenhoek

November 4

Community Center: TBA
Sanctuary: TBA
Grundy Center: TBA
Waverly: TBA

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