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We humans are creatures of habit. Sometimes our habits are good, healthy and helpful. Other times, however, our habits are not good, unhealthy and unhelpful and they lead to real problems in our marriages and in our families. We feel helpless to fix things. We feel stuck. We believe that Jesus wants to help us become Unstuck.

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Upcoming Teaching Schedule

February 23

Community Center: Jeff Mickey
Sanctuary: Brooke Hillebrand
Grundy County: Tyler Ruane
Waverly: Dave Bartlett

March 1

Community Center: Dave Bartlett
Sanctuary: Jeff Mickey
Grundy County: Brooke Hillebrand
Waverly: Tyler Ruane

March 8

Community Center: Tyler Ruane
Sanctuary: Dave Bartlett
Grundy County: Jeff Mickey
Waverly: Brooke Hillebrand

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