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Invest in others

We grow by investing in others. By finding our unique place in God’s story and our unique spiritual giftings, we are able to serve and love others. Investing in others helps us strategically accomplish our mission as a church: To help next generations encounter and follow Jesus to bless a broken world.

Needs and Volunteers During COVID-19

Orchard Hill's Senior Leaders and Mission Strategy Team realize that COVID-19 is not a short term crisis, but rather a challenge that will play out physically, economically, emotionally, and socially over several months. As a church body, we first want to say that we see you and we care about you. Our goal during this crisis is to serve and encourage you.

We love to watch how people are meeting needs in their neighborhoods and families and circles of relationships. However, if there is a need that is not being met through those connections, please do let us know. We care, and we want to be of help to you.

If you want to help meet needs, there are multiple ways you can serve people in your community who are vulnerable (deliver groceries, write letters to encourage, make masks, donate goods or money.) Orchard Hill Church would like to connect you with needs within our congregation or into our community. In Black Hawk County we partner with Love INC and they have various needs right now. We also are working with partner organizations and churches in both Grundy Center and Waverly.

Contact Kris Hoskinson ( or 319-266-9796 for next steps.

International Partner Update

Orchard Hill Church has focused partners in two places internationally, Haiti and Mozambique, Africa. We have 3 concrete ways right now that you can get involved with our partnerships. 

Go On A Trip!

We are offering two trips in 2020 with our key partners.

Mozambique, Africa

June 4-18 (final dates dependent on airfare)
Cost $2900
Trip Contact: Karla Chestnut,

During our visit with Food for the Hungry partners, we will connect with churches, community leaders, Savings Groups, Maternal Health groups, and visit families, getting an up close look at how God is at work. Most of our time will be relationship building with our partners, listening to and celebrating the stories of God at work, and participating in some training and team building. We will share meals in many different settings. We have so much to learn from the people we will meet. You will make new friends, bring much needed encouragement, and get a chance to meet some of our sponsored kids and their families.


Haiti Intergenerational Trip

Cost: TBA
Trip Contact: Diane Oehler,

God is using United Christians International to change Haiti from the inside out and we will go there to see it firsthand. While we are there, we will be encouraging our partners, building relationships, worshiping together, helping with projects, meeting sponsored children, and opening our eyes to a different world. We will learn and be challenged and have fun as we experience how God is at work in Haiti.


Haiti Family Trip

Elementary age on up with parent

Tentative date of Summer 2021
Trip Contacts: John and Suzy Teske,

Child Sponsorship

We believe one of the best ways you can make an impact in both an individual life and the life of a community is to sponsor. Sponsorship affects a child’s nutrition, access to clean water, opportunity for education, and chances to learn more about Jesus who loves them. When you sponsor, you have a chance to write letters and possibly even meet your child.


Special Opportunities

We partner through funding specific needs that can make a huge impact. We first listen to the asks/priorities of our partners and start there. Building a school, a home, a cement floor for a home, a well for clean water, seeds for a family to grow their own crops, goats/rabbits/chickens for a family, medical equipment, field trips for sponsored kids, and MUCH, MUCH more. If you have specific questions about these opportunities, contact Kris Hoskinson,

Pushpay or Checks can be given to Orchard Hill Church with “Special Mission Opportunities in the memo.