We were created for community with God and others. Committing to a group of people who share life and faith in Jesus helps us strategically accomplish our mission as a church: To help next generations encounter and follow Jesus to bless a broken world. If we miss this, we miss everything.

Life Groups

People are created to belong in community with God and others; miss out on this and we miss out on everything. Investing in community requires time and energy, Life Groups are an excellent way invest and Belong in Community at Orchard Hill Church. Our goal is 100% of people at Orchard will find their way into a Life Group when they are ready. To accomplish this goal, we need people to become Life Group Hosts.

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What Is a Life Group HOST?

  • HEART: Have a HEART for people! (your church, neighbor, city)
  • OPEN: Be willing to OPEN a place to meet in your home of somewhere else. 
  • SERVE: Be willing to SERVE simple snacks during each group*
  • TUNE IN: Turn on the video OR TUNE IN to the provided material

* Keep the snack simple so members will think, “I could host at my house sometime”

How Do I prepare?

  • Prepare the space - Have space for everyone to sit, that's comfortable and clean.
  • Message your Life group members: Do this the week before your group meets: Include:
    • Let them know you are glad they are coming.
    • Give them a rough schedule of what to expect.
    • Make sure they know the details, when you are meeting, the address and where to park, etc. 
  • Greet people - Focus on each person when they come in the door. Tell them you are glad they came.  

How Do I Find People?

The Five F’s are a HOST’s Guide to finding people for a LIfe Group. We believe the people who belong in your group are already in your life.  

  • Friends - Who are your friends? Do you have people you would like to spend more time with? Who are the friends you would like to learn more about? 
  • Family - Do you have a brother, aunt or cousin you would like to have good conversations with? Invite them to be part of your LIfe Group. (Remember, these are people who bring you life).
  • Factory- Is there anyone at work you look forward to talking with? Do you have colleagues that seem interested in talking with you?
  • Fun - What do you do for fun and who do you do it with? Do you garden, fix cars, sew, quilt, knit, scuba dive, drink coffee, cook, play softball or pickle ball with someone fun and interesting? 
  • Fellowship - These are people from church. These may be the people you sit by on Sunday mornings, or serve on a team like with. These might be people you meet in groups like Starting Point or Get to Know Membership. Would you like to know any of these people better? 


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Launching Your Group

Here are 3 options for starting your group:

1. Current Teaching Series

We provide discussion guides for each new series. These are easy to use each week in your life group. To access discussion guides, sign up for the Life Group email or visit the current teaching series to download guides.

2. Overflow: Marked by Love

Another good place to start is with this series: Overflow: Marked by Love. As a church on a mission together—how do we know when our mission is succeeding? To answer this question we’ve developed a set of Missional Marks. Missional marks represent the outcomes we expect anyone who joins the mission God has given to Orchard Hill Church to experience. What’s more—we think these marks are the measure for the life we all really want to live. We invite you to start your life group journey with this series. Click here for video teachings and life group discussion questions.

3. RightNow Media or Anthology

RightNow Media is a video resource with thousands of Bible study sessions for kids, students and adults available anytime, anywhere. At Orchard, our goal is to provide tools and resources for growth and spiritual development. RightNow Media is a great source for Biblical teaching from well-known pastors and speakers. Request a login.

The Anthology App is a collection of over 60 group studies you can trust. You'll find studies that are Biblical, engaging and proven to create great conversation. You can stream studies in HD to your TV via an apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast or Amazon Firestick. All content is free. Click here to download the app.

Here are two studies we recommend:


Life Group Agreement Life Group FAQs


College-age Life Groups

Modeling the life of Jesus and his small group of his first 12 followers that changed the world, we want to offer the same opportunity for you to grow in your faith and impact the world by being in a college-age life group.

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