November, 2019

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Truth After Truth

There are some sections of Scripture that stand out as especially powerful and packed with meaning. Romans, Chapter 8, is one of those sections. 

Filled with truth after truth and stuffed chock full of grace, hope and freedom in Christ, our teachers look forward to delving into this chapter with you over the next 4 weeks.  

Join us as we learn about how there is no condemnation or accusation for those who follow Jesus. 

Learn how the Spirit and Jesus both pray for us. 

Listen to how our suffering is nothing compared to what God eventually has in store for us. 

Learn about how there is nothing in this world that is powerful enough to ever separate us from the love of Christ. 

And don’t just rely on the teachers… read Romans 8 for yourself! Live in it with us this month and expect your life to be changed.

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