Lenten Lunch

Wednesday, March 29, 2023 @ 11:30 AM
Cedar Falls Campus | Commons, Room 113


Join us for a meal of soup, bread and dessert ($5 suggested donation) followed by a special 20-minute Miracle of Easter Lenten devotional presented by Ed and Sally Baker. 

As we prepare to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus, we'll take a unique perspective each Wednesday:

     *  Having an accurate understanding of what a crucifixion was actually like can deepen our appreciation of Jesus' act of love.
     *  It was not only Jesus who suffered on Good Friday, it was also His Father who watched His son die.
     *  God not only allowed His Son to die, but had predicted how, when and why it would happen.
     *  God used a snake and a goat to help us grasp a deeper understanding of Christ's death.
     *  Jesus himself explained to a Jewish Pharisee what his coming death would accomplish.
     *  As the Passover Lamb was being sacrificed in the temple, the Lamb of God was being sacrificed on a hill called Golgotha.

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